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Bill Gascoyne
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 497-5682 / resume@billgascoyne.name



Senior-Level Engineer


Over 15 years experience in areas of ASIC design and verification, EDA tools, and training for ASIC design and EDA tools with a track record of developing and delivering presentations that cultivate talent for high productivity.  Demonstrated ability to make technical knowledge accessible at any level, from novice to expert, in both written and oral formats.  Equally successful working in groups or independently with a reputation for meeting deadlines and managing a classroom and satisfying clients/students.


BLUE PEARL SOFTWARE , Santa Clara, CA                      2010 

Technical Writer 

·         Reviewing and updating user guides and reference manual for EDA products.

·         Writing Perl scripts for consolidating various sources of user information.

SENIOR NET , San Jose, CA                                                2010 

Volunteer Coach and Instructor 

·         Classroom coach for Introduction to Computing class.

·         Classroom instructor for Windows Vista class.

CSIX CONNECT, Cupertino, CA                                           2008 – 2010 


·         Maintain technology infrastructure, provide technical support for presenters, send mebership invitations.

MAGMA DESIGN AUTOMATION, San Jose, CA                   2006 – 2008  

Senior Technical Trainer 

·         Developed lab-based training courses for employee and customer engineers, reducing user’s adaptation time for product upgrades and improving customer satisfaction.

·         Achieved consistently high ratings from clients in delivery of hands-on training of the company’s EDA technology.

·         Migrated front end and back end lectures from Blast to Talus (a major software revision) on schedule.

·         Re-wrote lab exercises and instruction books for both front & back end courses updating course content and improving relevancy.

·         Consolidated introductory material from front end and back end courses into a single book streamlining course update procedures.

SANDISK CORPORATION, Sunnyvale, CA                           2006  

ASIC Verification and Test Methodology (Six month contract)

·         Performed RTL design rule checking, clock domain analysis, and test methodology development for complex flash memory interface ASIC.


UPEK CORPORATION, Emeryville, CA                                 2005

Technical Training Course Developer   (Three month contract)

·         Developed training course for customers and new employees regarding fingerprint scanning technology.


LSI LOGIC CORPORATION, Milpitas, CA                              1990-2005  

Staff Engineer / Technical Trainer and Course Developer  

·         Assessed needs and created alternatives to full training courses where appropriate (e.g. Quick Reference Cards, enhanced documentation), saving costs for course development.

·         Implemented, maintained, and updated 1500 line Perl script for web-based course delivery, saving at least $50K in 3rd-party software cost.

·         Developed web based training infrastructure which drastically reduced time and money spent on travel and web-page maintenance.

·         Developed and delivered training courses for ASIC design methodology and proprietary and third-party EDA tools, improving productivity and shortening design cycles

·         Created lab exercises which were also used for de-facto secondary software QA as labs were being updated discovering numerous bugs prior to new software release.

·         Used experience and insight gained from training and applications roles (see below) to support groups developing logic design rule checks and design for test methodologies.

·         Recorded and edited dozens of short on-line lectures and software demos with and without pre-written scripts.

·         Wrote scripts and/or acted as on-screen MC for several training videos. Comfortable on-camera and with use of teleprompter.



BSEE with emphasis on digital circuit design, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA



·         Patent #5,068,547: Process Monitor Circuit (implemented on all LSI Logic ASIC designs for several years in the 1990s)

·         Patent #5,886,900: A method of protecting intellectual property in IC design models

·         Patent #5,424,896 & #5,552,951: Semiconductor package electrostatic discharge damage protection



  • ASIC design methodology
  • EDA tools (e.g. Synopsys Design Compiler, Jupiter, Verdi, NC Verilog, Axiom, Mentor FastScan, Magma Blast and Talus, etc.) Learns new EDA tools very quickly.
  • Mentoring less experienced designers, both customers and co-workers
  • Verilog and VHDL hardware design languages
  • Web page development tools, including DreamWeaver, PowerPoint, Camtasia, FrameMaker
  • Perl for web servers





Design Flow Verification, LSI Logic, Milpitas, CA

  • Performed verification and evaluation of various tools used in ASIC design.
  • Used Synopsys Physical Compiler to evaluate and support multiple multi-million gate designs (floorplanning, pre-placement, congestion evaluation)


Visiting On-site Support Engineer, at IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY   

  • Provided on-site support for complex LSI Logic ASIC design destined for teraflop research computer to be used in quantum chromo-dynamic calculations.


Senior Applications Engineer, LSI Logic, Milpitas, CA   

  • Provided direct customer design support for 200 ASIC designs.
  • Provided factory support for Midwest design centers.
  • On self-initiative, created the company’s first automated ASIC signoff procedure program.




·         Magma Talus and Blast

·         Mentor Graphics (DFT, DFT Advisor, and FastScan)

·         Synopsys (Test Compiler, PrimeTime, Formality)

·         Tcl

·         Perl

·         PLL Design

·         Verilog Language

·         Effective Presentation Skills

·         Instructional Development

·         Langevin Instructional Design

·         Langevin WEB Based Course Design

·         Subtle Sexual Harassment

·         Interviewing Skills


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